I am currently:

- Crying because school just started.

- Watching Primeval.

- Reading The Casual Vacancy.

I'm tired
of fighting the good fight
I am 21 and in college. You can call me Anna, if you want. I reblog lots of random stuff and my queue is my friend. Multifandom is an understatement. I just like pretty people. And pretty shows. And stupid pretty boybands.

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Tumblr Crushes:

Lily, you have 8% of my looovvee. Also, all of the icons/avatars are 1D. This is the first time in ages that’s happened to me… Is that a good sign or?

posted 2 years ago @ 20 Apr 2012
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  1. thinkinghatesme said: Yes. Also, the first column is all Niall. Which is also a good sign.
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