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Excuse me but what the fuck am I looking at?

This makes no sense at all.

i like all of this. i’m so confused by this person even was trying to do here!

Okay, so I’m supposed to believe that Kreayshawn is better than Justin Timberlake? Like, seriously? Is that for real what OP is saying?

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    hahahahahaha JT really? REALLY?
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    How the hell….
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    While Madonna maybe making some questionable decisions in her old age, her majesty is the definition of pop music,
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    What the fuck?
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    I wanna know who the fuck made...boot up their fucking asshole
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    justin timberlake is da best FUCK OFF HATERS
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    dumb. lana del rey is irrelevant cause she hasnt even been around a year and you really call katy perry and nicki pop...
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    people just made this to piss me off. offensive*******
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    Katy Perry, Madonna, and Nicki should be on bottom. Marina and Gaga should be on top, this is just so fucking funny i...
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    i dont even
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    For the record pop is a genre of music. All of these except for Niki Minaj who sings hip hop are Pop Artists.
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    hahaha what
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    I don’t listen to pop music But I think Justin Timberlake should be at the top.
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    WHAT. THE. FUCK. The “POP MUSIC” part: 'Hard Candy' was shit. 'Confessions…' was WAY BETTER. Also, the main single from...
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    Could literally swap Justin Timberlake in for any of the albums in the top part and instantly improve it....
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    Swap Nicki and Lady Gaga and then it’s true
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    What the actual fuck
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    Someone is a bit confused…..
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    Someone needs jesus.