I am currently:

- Crying because of school.

- Enjoying various pumpkin flavored items.

am I really going to have to block the word “bastards” in tumblr savior?


Demi singing along to Midnight Memories. That’s it, I’m done. Life fulfilled. I don’t need anything else.

Anonymous said:
Harry's birth name is actually just Harry, not even Harold. Even more disappointment for your mother.

I’ll let her find out later. There’s been enough heart break for today.

…Apparently my mother had convinced herself that Harry Styles’ first name was Henry and that was what Harry was short for. Now she’s very upset to learn that it’s actually sort for Harold. I worry about my mother sometimes.

…it’s over now

i don’t know what to do with myself

The email I just got from iTunes. Oh, honey.

The email I just got from iTunes. Oh, honey.

….would now be a bad time to ask for american tour dates?

Someone wanna be my new best friend and give me a download to Midnight Memories? I’ll tattoo your name on my children. Please?

The Story of my Life music video is the cutest thing in the world. It’s absolutely my favorite 1D music video so far because it has their families. Especially after watching This Is Us, I felt so bad for their families and this was something they did together and alkfjasdklhfadskjl

The Story of my Life video leaked? …Best birthday present ever!